AIYAC Poster and Logo Award Competition Result

Artopia International Youth Arts Contest (AIYAC) cum Poster and Logo collected artworks ended on May 10th, 2020. After three rounds of voting, the winning results were announced today.

The theme of the contest is “ Reverence for Life, Cherish the World”. It contains two separately parts. First, it is the poster and logo award competition. The second part is the theme painting competition. The poster and logo design competition took one month to collect artworks. The organizing committee received artworks from young painters who come from all over the world, such as China, Canada, and South Korea etc. Finally, 38 artworks of 33 young painters entered the final evaluation.

The judges conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the design theme, picture, skills, creativity and other aspects. We have invited professional painters to judge. Through the multiple  selections, we got the three awards for the post and logo award competition, namely The Best Poster Design Award, The Best Logo Design Award and The Best Comprehensive Design Award. The authors of the winning works will receive $150, $150 and $400 prizes respectively, and receive award certificates issued by the AIYAC Organizing Committee. The award-winning worlds are attached to the article.

The other artworks which entered the final evaluation are also excellent, which made the judges are full of praise. All the participated painters whose artworks have been selected in the final evaluation, will receive the excellence award issued by the AIYAC Organizing Committee, and are eligible to participate in the theme painting competition for free. The award-winning worlds are attached to the article.

From now on, Artopia International Youth Arts Contest enter the stage of theme creation of art painting. Young painters are welcome to participate the next stage, use your imagination and creativity to draw more excellent works. Please follow the details of the upcoming contest.

Congratulations to all youth who have won grand prizes and excellence award. Because of your participation, this competition is even more wonderful!


AIYAC Organizing Committee


May 15th, 2020


Appreciation of award-winning artworks:


The Best Comprehensive Design Award


The Best Poster Design Award


The Best Logo Design Award


The Excellence Award