Artopia International Youth Arts Contest Notice

Dear Young Men and Women,


In 2020, because of the impact of the Coronavirus Disease, this year has become so different. In the face of this global pandemic, our children are growing fast. In this disaster, they learn to use their own experience and mind to think about the meaning of life and the relationship between humans and the world.


Vancouver Artpoia Youth Society (VAYS) is willing to help children and youth open their mind, record observations, enlighten thinking, stimulate responsibility, and support public welfare with the brush to draw the world in their eyes. Initiated by VAYS, it joins art studios and groups in countries such as Canada, China, and the USA that have experienced and are currently experiencing the COVID-19 epidemic, to launch the “ Artopia International Youth Arts Contest(AIYAC)”. The theme of the competition is “ Reverence for Life, Cherish the World”.


This competition will all use the online collection and evaluation mode. Works are planned to be collected from May to June 2020 (size 30 * 45 cm); from July to August, experts from Canada, China and the United States will be brought together to evaluate the works. The winning works of the competition will be eligible for the charity auction of outstanding award-winning works of AIYAC Awards in September and online charity auction of outstanding works. The auctions will be hosted by YKLM global online auctions platform. Instructions for specific events are issued separately. From now on, the prize collection of the contest poster and contest logo is launched.


We hope that the children will draw the pictures you imagined, and pour your favorite colors for life and the world. The poster and logo collection of this painting contest is a prize collection. All the selected works will get the certificate of outstanding works and will be displayed and publicized in the online media. In addition to the certificate, the final award-winning works will receive prizes of $ 150 (poster) and $ 150 (Logo) respectively. If the poster and Log get one, he or she will receive $ 400 to encourage the child to reflect his or her own design on the poster and designed Logo, so that the two design styles are consistent and harmonious.


Poster design can be hand-painted or computer-painted, with lively images, novel ideas, bright themes, and artistic viewing as the standard. The logo design of the event can be either hand-painted or computer-painted. The standard is simple, meaningful, and compact. It can be integrated with the poster design. It can reflect Artopia, or AIYAC (Artopia International Youth Arts Contest).


Contributor: 9-18 Years old younger (no limit in country and region, please attach your personal legal name, age photo, country and region when applying)
Collection time: from now until May 10, 2020
Submission by E-mail:
Submission form: 30 * 45 cm vertical version in PDF format, leaving about 1/8 blank space on the lower part of the poster for the logo arrangement of the co-organizers of the Organizing Committee. Please provide a simple design text description, either in Chinese or English.

AIYAC Organizing Committee


April, 2020


2018 VAYS Canadian Youth Painting Collection

2019 VAYS Canadian Youth Painting Collection


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