Artopia International Youth Arts Contest Notice

Dear Young Men and Women,


Vancouver Artpoia Youth Society is willing to launch the “ Artopia International Youth Arts Contest”. The theme of the contest is “ Revernce for Life, Cherish the World”. This contest will be using the online collection and evaluation mode. It contains two separate parts. First, is the poster and logo design for the contest. The second part is the theme paintings competition.

Below it is the details for the poster and logo collection and prize.

1. Poster can be hand-painted or digitally drawn with lively images, novel ideas, bright themes, and artistic viewing as the standard.

2. The logo can be hand-painted or digitally drawn. The design should be simple, meaningful, and compact. It should reflect Artopia International Youth Arts Contest (AIYAC).

3. All the selected works will get a certificate and will be displayed and publicized on the online media.

4. The final award winner will receive a prize of $150 (poster) and $150 (logo) respectively. If the same artist wins a prize for both the logo and poster, he or she will receive $400 to recognize child’s independent and perfect design ability.

5. Contributor: 9-18 years old younger (no limit in country or region, please attach personal legal name, age, photo, country and region when applying).

6. Collection time: from now until May 10, 2020.

7. Submission by E-mail:

8. Submission form: 30 * 45 cm vertical version in PDF format, leaving about 1/8 blank space on the lower part of the poster. Please provide a simple design text description, both in Chinese and English.

Vancouver Artopia Youth Society Organizing Committee

April, 2020


2018 VAYS Canadian Youth Painting Collection

2019 VAYS Canadian Youth Painting Collection


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